Your Ideal Surfacing Solution

Fibertop® is the ideal surfacing solution for new and retrofitted playgrounds. It is “made in Canada” engineered impact surfacing system. Specially processed, virgin wood grindings in combination with high performance drainage layer, exclusive wear mats and flexible edging complete the Fibertop® System.

High Impact Attenuation

Consistently provides superior test results over competitive products.


Tested by TUV SUD America Inc. to be compliant with ASTM F1951 Standard for Playground Surface Accessibility.

Cost Effective

Inch per inch, Fibertop® provides the highest fall impact attenuation at the least cost verses any accessible, IPEMA certified competitive product.

Easy Installation

Do it yourself or have it applied by one of Northland’s CSA Certified Playground Installers.

Enhanced Aesthetic

Fibertop® is an attractive, natural looking product. Let Northland beautify your play space!

IPEMA Certified

Fibertop® is IPEMA Certified to ASTM F2075 and ASTM F1292 & complies with CAN/CSA Z614.

Your choice for Inclusive Playgrounds!


Inclusive play matters! Developing a safe and inclusive playground where children of all abilities can play together is essential to community development. But inclusiveness goes beyond just installing accessible play components. Choosing a play surface that is accessible and that can be easily maintained as an accessible surface, is one of the most important decisions during the playground planning and design phases.

CSA Standards

FiberTop meets CSA standards for accessibility, is considerable a more affordable surfacing option than rubber, does not retain heat and become hot to the touch for little hands and feet.

Nature Inspired

FiberTop provides a beautiful, nature inspired scenery to the playground.