Supported Employment

What is Supported Employment?
Supported Employment assists people with barriers to prepare for, obtain and maintain competitive employment in our community. It is an individualized, person centered approach to employment.

It begins with getting to know a client...

their learning styles, work interests and transferable skills through the intake process, interactions and other discovery tools. It involves building trust and a partnership with the client and at times, parents.

It also involves supporting individuals in developing essential skills for the workplace including but not limited to resumes, employer expectations, workplace culture, communication and educational skills. Continual support is provided as needed or as goals and/or expectations change in the workplace.

Supported employment helps both clients and employers, create mutually beneficial placements, ensure a positive, supportive workplace environment and is a valuable partner for employers to help diversify the workplace.

Niamh Menz
Coordinator – Supported Employment
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+20 years

Serving Humboldt & Area!
“HDCS has a strong and unwavering commitment to their clients and the families they support.”

Message from an HDCS Client

Our Employment Support Programs Include:

  • Humboldt and Area Supported Employment Program
  • Valley Employment Program (VEP)
  • Community Work Crew
  • Job Search Resource Center Enhanced Career Bridging Program

What is Supported Employment?


Paid employment with opportunities for employment related benefits along with...
  • Career Development
  • Person Centered Planning
  • Skill Enhancement & Development
  • Social & Economic Inclusion
  • Increase Consumer Empowerment
  • Promoting Choice, Independence, Self – Determination & Decision Making
  • Partnerships Between Individuals, Families, Employers & the Community
  • Referral to Other Organizations Including Supported Education

Individual Advocacy

We provide advocacy support to people regarding their employment.

This could mean connecting you with resources in your community or standing by your side as you advocate for the services you need.

Public Awareness

Through a variety of campaigns and initiatives...

we are working to change public attitudes to make our communities more inclusive.

What is Customized Employment?

Job Creation

Customized employment is a non-traditional form of job creation.

Many employers have tasks that they would like performed, however, they find that they must either attach these tasks to existing positions, or go without having the tasks performed altogether. By customizing a position, designed to meet the needs of both the employer and employee, new efficiencies can be implemented in the workplace.

Services for Employers

All services are FREE of charge
  • Attract, recruit and retain key talent for their workplace
  • Support during in the hiring and training process
  • Training supports
  • Follow up support or re-training as necessary
  • Disability awareness training for current employees

Services Program for Participants

All services are FREE of charge
  • Person centered planning
  • Career counseling
  • Assistance with individualized, active job search
  • Coaching and counseling in job search techniques, workplace values, and communication
  • Resume building, Interview skills, employment related skill building
  • Job development
  • Individualized, on-the-job training to support participants in meeting the employer’s job performance expectations
  • Follow-up support to ensure long-term success
  • Retraining as necessary
  • Referrals to other community agencies
  • Personal advocacy for employment related matters

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