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Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions about our Fibertop Products

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Fibertop is an impact absorbing, recreational surfacing product comprised of 100% natural wood fiber used in conjunction with a companion filtering and drainage system.

Fibertop’s virgin wood fibers are processed through a special grinding, screening, and blending system that produces a clean uniform chip with optimal fiber content. Fibertop is soft enough to be safe (fall attenuation) and firm enough to be accessible (matting).

Fibertop Impact Surfacing produces impressively high-performance results on impact attenuation tests making it one of the most desirable systems available. Fibertop’s wood fibers naturally mat together to form a consistent layer that provides barrier-free access for wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Fibertop systems install within hours minimizing disruption to play time and can even be installed yourself. Fibertop is 100% Canadian and is backed by a comprehensive warranty and product liability insurance.

Yes. Fibertop complies with CAN/CSA Z614 for impact attenuation and exceeds all Canadian and US Standards. Fibertop is IPEMA certified product that is being annually tested by TUV SUD America Inc. to meet ASTM F1292-09 (Fall Attenuation) , ASTM F2075-10a (Foreign Contamination and Hazardous Metals). Fibertop is an accessible product and has been tested to meet ASTM F1951-09b standard for Accessibility of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment.

Fibertop systems are warranted for 25 years provided maintenance and drainage requirements are performed and the system has been installed in accordance with the installation instructions. Fibertop’s wood fibers are specially selected, decay resistant wood species. They start out life in a clean, dry and pest free condition.

After installation and compaction, Fibertop is virtually impossible to ignite. Where fires have occurred on playgrounds with Fibertop installations, the surface has not ignited, even when burning components have fallen onto the surface. The matted consistency of Fibertop lacks the oxygen content required to sustain fire. 

Splintering is sometimes a perceived problem with wood fiber surfacing. With Fibertop, this is not the case. To sustain a splinter, an individual’s skin must be abraded against a fixed surface. Fibertop moves with the body. 

Mold and mildew are associated with poor playground drainage or locations with poor air circulation. Poor drainage is addressed by installing one of our drain systems. We also recommend that the play area is maintained in such way that sunlight and air circulation are prevalent.