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Here are a list of our Products

Fibertop EWF

Fibertop® is engineered from a mixture of debarked wood straight from the sawmill. The ratio of small to medium and large size particles has been optimized to provide the maximum impact attenuation. While soft enough to be safe, properly installed Fibertop® is also firm enough to be accessible for persons with special mobility needs.

Wear Mats

Fibertop® Wear Mats provide an excellent solution for high traffic areas such as slide exits or under swings. Installed and anchored beneath the surface, wear mats prevent the displacement of the Fibertop® wood fibre safety surfacing in heavy use areas without affecting the overall aesthetics of your playground. 

Filter Cloth

Fibertop® Filter Cloth is non-woven geotextile fabric that is used between the layers of the drainage system to prevent cross- contamination of materials.

Strip Drain

Fibertop Strip Drain is a prefabricated, high-flow drainage system that offers better drawdown of water than pipe while costing around 60% less to install. FIBERTOP strip drain consists of a formed polymeric core surrounded by a geotextile filter fabric. This multichannel structure provides significantly increased water flow. The tough filter fabric covering prevents core clogging while allowing water entry through every inch of its surface. The core allows water to flow to designated drain exits. Strip drain is recommended for above grade installations where aggregate drainage is not utilized.