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Creating High Quality Solutions for Your Community

Spray Parks & Splash Pads


We are Saskatchewan’s only spray park equipment supplier, providing quality, durability, and unlimited enthusiasm!

Whether your kids prefer an overhead bucket or the quiet exploration of ground sprayers,
1 Stop Playgrounds can provide a fun space to play!

We are proud to have partnered with Water Odyssey to provide high quality, functional, & reliable spray park infrastructure to communities & municipalities. Water Odyssey was established in 1996. They have supplied many different countries
with spray park equipment with a huge attention to sustainability.

High Quality & Functional
Innovative Products

We have so many options to choose from. Take a look at our Catalogue where there are predetermined themes including: nature, desert or the ever popular pirate theme. Are you interested in customizing your own spray park in Saskatchewan? The team at 1 Stop Playgrounds will work with you to make a custom design for your perfect spray park, working within all budget and size restrictions.

Spray Park Benefits

Not only are splash pads a heck of a lot of fun, but they also foster physical development,
provide sensory stimulation through tactile interactions with water sprayers, streams, and jets.

Splash pads also encourage the development of...


Gross motor

develops through:



The community can engage with each other…

Generally Inclusive ADA Compliant All can play &
socialize together


Intentionally designed features cultivate cognitive skills like:

Imaginative Thinking
Problem Solving
Self Control


Spending more time outside encourages children to be:

Active vs. Sedentary Better Performance
at School Learn New Skills Improve Self Confidence


Green Space Revitalization can include:

Splash Pads
Shelters & Playground Pieces
Seating & Trash Receptacles
Bathrooms & Benches

Our splash pads can be the centre piece to sunny afternoon picnics & family gatherings as they give children a space to play & learn, they also provide an unmatched summer experience by being the stage for many memories, laughs, & friendships.

Contact us today to create your new summer experience!



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